World Traditional Karate Federation


Online and Physical Examination

Skype will be used for online examination. Skype is a free software that can be downloaded at
A physical examination can be aquired by testing at the hombu dojo. To set up an appointment to come to this dojo please email us at

Testing will be done by the president and the technical director. Results will be given a week after the examination. If you pass the examination, a certificate will be email to you. Physical copies are available upon request (plus shipping & handling). Pre-Test is available for $50 where an examiner will go through the syllabus with you to ensure you have everything you need to pass the exam. If you decided to skip the pre-test and go directly to the test and fail, a re-testing fee will apply.

For 3rd Dan and above, a written paper will be required. Research topic must be submitted a year before testing, and the topic need to be approved by the president and technical director.


Pre-Test $50USD 10th Kyu to 1st Kyu $80USD

1st Dan $115USD

2nd Dan $150USD

3rd Dan $225USD

4th Dan $300USD

5th Dan $675USD 6th Dan $825USD 7th Dan $1,125USD

For 8th Dan and above please email us for details.