World Traditional Karate Federation

Join the WTKF

The World Traditional Karate Federation offers affiliation to all dojos, instructors, and students in a non-political environment. By becoming a part of the WTKF you will hold international certification and international ranking. This will give you the ability to travel to different countries and participate with other affiliated dojos and seminars with your WTKF ranking. 

If you would like to become an affiliate of our organization:

1. Send an email to
- Include your name, rank, and country. 
- Also include the years that you have been training. 

2. Send in an enrollment fee via paypal 
- $50USD individual membership (1 year)
- $100USD branch membership (1 year)
-$150USD individual life time membership 
-$300USD branch life time membership 

3. Refer to the Code of Conduct page and understand all of the terms and conditions        that is required and expected.

The WTKF accepts ranks from all organizations providing the prospective member becomes a registered member of the WTKF, branch or individual, and pay the applicable fees. 

Failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in an immediate ban.