World Traditional Karate Federation


This is the official site of the World Traditional Karate Federation, hereby known as the WTKF.

The WTKF is a non-political traditional karate federation that is open to all karate practitioners, regardless of style or lineage. The WTKF accepts ranks from all organizations providing the prospective member becomes a registered member of the WTKF, branch or individual, and pays the applicable fees. 

The sole aim of the WTKF is to allow all martial artists to train together and test together in a true non-political environment while affording each member the privilege to call the WTKF their karate home. 

At the WTKF, karate is a way of life based on Bushido, where the body, mind, and spirit, are developed concurrently through training. Hence the practitioner learns to both control and to relinquish control to the movements until the techniques are performed without thought while remaining focused. 

In essence, the body remembers how to move while the mind remembers how to be still. As a result, one becomes the embodiment of true karate because this method of training exemplifies a natural and effortless action where peace is possible through the perfect unity of mind, body, and spirit.

At the WTKF, We believe that we can preserve the values and principles that made karate the paramount style in the world. 

The WTKF presents all karate practitioners with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and groups, while both avoiding politics and being able to share
information with each other regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Above all else, the WTKF believes that karate is a martial science and a way of life. 

The WTKF offers two kinds of membership:

1. Branch Membership, for those wishing to affiliate their Organization or karate group. 

2. Individual Membership, for people interested in joining the WTKF and do not belong to a branch.
WTKF Patches now available 
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